There's a lot of competition in life. That's a good thing. That just means you got a chance to stand out in the crowd and be the best. We take quality and craftsmanship seriously...Not only that we stand by our work. You get a towering, tough yet beautiful flag pole that would make President Trump jealous. It's something we can be proud of and now you can too. As a part of our flagpole family, not only do you get a solid 3" diameter base (most competitors only offer 2" or 2.5") and a FREE 4x6 Premium Nylon US Flag, but you also get the best warranty in the industry with lifetime guarantee on the swivel rings and interlocking sleeves -You've got nothing to worry about. You get to take advantage of an unheard of 365 day return policy on our flag poles and an exclusive anti-theft guarantee. If your flagpole is stolen we will replace it. Where else are you going to find an offer like this? Go ahead and look. We're not going anywhere. See our full list of telescoping flagpole features.